We are not a shelter

The Important Info:
We foster out our animals with people who take them into their home for the time being until they are adopted, therefore we do not have a physical address. We are always in need of foster homes for this reason. If you cannot own a dog or are not sure if a dog will fit into your lifestyle right now why not foster, it saves a life and allows you to help out with an important part of rescue.
Because we do not operate from a shelter only approved applications are eligible to meet any of our dogs for adoption. We do not operate out of a kennel so all of our dogs are placed in foster homes. Without the generosity and kind hearts of our foster families many of these dogs would not be able to have a second chance at a wonderful life. This means that our Foster Parent’s time is very important to us and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

The Bottom Line:
The adoption fee for adopting a dog or puppy is $250.00 CAD with an addition $12.00 to purchase a tag for your new friend.

The Forms:

Our application is now available in 3 different formats. PDF, Microsoft Word, and a notepad text file. Please choose whichever format is compatible with your computer. Please take care when filling out any of our forms using a MAC computer. These computers sometimes save documents as files that are unable to be opened by our volunteers.

Pawprint Adoption_Application– Microsoft Word Document
Pawprint Adoption_Application – PDF Document
Pawprint Adoption_Application – Notepad Text Document

Pawprint Foster_Application

Pawprint AdoptionContract

Looking to re-home your dog? These bottom two forms will apply:

Pawprint Placement Application

Pawprint Surrender Agreement