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                    Sarge                                Sally                                 Chewy                  


                          Riley                                  Angus                                 Ripples                        


About Us as a Reputable Non-Profit Organization

PawprintWe place the welfare and happiness of the animal first.
PawprintWe insist that an application form be completed and approved before meeting an animal.
PawprintWe perform careful screening of potential adopters and verify references so that we may match up the right pet with the right home.
PawprintAll pets will be spayed/neutered prior to being placed. If this cannot be done at time of adoption, as per the contract it will be done when advisable by a vet.
PawprintWe provide full disclosure about the dog, to the fullest extent of our knowledge.
PawprintWe offer ongoing support to adopters.
PawprintA written adoption contract Will be provided and Will include all requirements/expectations.
PawprintWe can refer you to other shelters in our area that have the same values as we do, if we do not have the specific type of animal you are looking for.
PawprintWe operate as a not-for-profit entity and a registered charity.


How Can You Help?

Make a Donation! For more information on how you can donate to Animal Rescue Coalitions drop us a line at arc@seabright.ca. Did you know?

Pawprint$10.00 – Can buy food for a dog in need
Pawprint$20.00 – Can buy Food and Toys for an animal in need
Pawprint$50.00 – Can help spay or neuter an animal to get it ready for a new home
Pawprint$100.00 – Can help to offset our Medical Bills

And we are a registered charity so you will get a Tax receipt for your Donations!!