Doggy Proofing


Here are some things to remember when welcoming your new four legged addition to your home……..

Everyday items can be hazardous, even deadly. The most important thing to remember is to lock up all medications. When a dog finds a Pill Bottle or liquid medicine it can become a toy to them and can be opened in minutes. The most common poisoning is from ibuprofen because most people always have it on hand.

Pesticides and Anti freeze also pose a danger and should be locked up where animals cannot get to it.

Some toxic foods that should also not be given to animals are chocolate, grapes, onions and raisins.

Baker’s chocolate is among the most toxic because it hasn’t been sweetened with sugar or mixed with other ingredients. Just three ounces of baker’s chocolate can kill a 20-pound dog. Although milk chocolate is less toxic because of added ingredients, it’s actually more dangerous because the milk and sugar make it more palatable.

Macadamia nuts are also poisonous. Although somewhat rare, it can happen. As with chocolate, the degree of toxicity varies with the amount of nuts ingested.
Common symptoms include weakness, depression, vomiting, staggering, tremors, and fever. Most symptoms occur less than 12 hours after ingestion. Call your vet immediately if you see your dog eating macadamia nuts or if you suspect he has eaten them.

Post your veterinarian’s number by the phone, and keep a good pet first-aid book on hand — one that includes a comprehensive list of common poisons and what to do if your dog swallows them.
If you know what the dog ate, take the container with you to the veterinarian. If your puppy is vomiting but you don’t know what he ate, take a sample of the vomit to help the veterinarian make a diagnosis.

Dog proofing your home can be as easy as surveying each room in your house on all fours and see what you can reach and what might pose a danger.

Install baby gates in areas where dogs are at risk of falling.

secure window blinds and curtains with dangling cords and cover electrical outlets.

keep the lid on toilets, toilet bowl water is enticing to a dog and carries an increased risk with toilet bowl cleanser.

Ensure fences are free of holes and gaps. Gates, trash cans, and recycling bins are securely fastened and lock up anti freeze, all cleaning supplies, gasoline, paint and fertilizers in the garage.

Remember anything that is unsafe for children is also unsafe for dogs.