PawprintWhere do your dogs come from?

Our dogs come from a number of places. Personal surrenders, from shelters that are full, or strays that have been abandoned.

PawprintWhere is your shelter?

We do not have a physical address. All of our dogs are kept in foster homes by foster families who give their home, thier time, and lots of love to keep our dogs safe and happy. This is a very important part of rescue, without foster homes these dogs may not find their forever families.

PawprintCan I meet the dog I am interested in before I fill out an application?

Unfortunately, because we do not operate out of a shelter all of our dogs for adoption are placed in foster homes with volunteers. Without the generosity and kind hearts of our foster families many of these dogs would not be able to have a second chance at a wonderful life. This means that our Foster Parent’s time is very important to us and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

PawprintWhy do I have to pay for a rescued dog?

Our dogs that are up for adoption are just as important to us as our own pets. And that is how we treat them like they are one of ours. They get full vet care, needles, neutered or spayed by us.

PawprintI heard all rescue dogs have problems, and that is why they are up for adoption. Is this true?

No, 90% of our dogs are surrendered to us because they were purchase that wasnt carefully considered. Purchased from a pet store to “save them”, or a gift that really wasnt wanted. Some of our dogs are surrendered because the owner has health problems and can no longer care for the animal. And some of them were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Most come to us thru no fault of their own. Some of the dogs we get in were not properly trained from the time they were puppies and do have issues, but we seek proffesional help with these dogs when needed and with a little TLC they blossom before out eyes!!

PawprintWhy do I have to fill out an application?

We feel that the dogs we take into ARC deserve to go to a home that we know will take very good care of them. Some of them have already had a hard life and we want the best for them. We ask that everyone fill out an application for our dogs so that we may speak to their vet and their references to ensure that their past and present animals have been cared for.

PawprintI applied for a dog and now they are off the site, does that mean they are adopted?

If you were not contacted about he dog, and he is now off the site, then he is probably gone to a new home. But keep looking we always have great dogs looking for new homes.

PawprintHow do I surrender my dog?

We have a surrender form located on our adoptions page please fill it out and send it in with a picture of your dog. We ask that the dog be up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered. We also ask that you disclose all the history on the dog.

PawprintHow do I donate?

We accept donations of Money orders or cheques made out to Animal Rescue Coalitions. We also take donations of Canadian Tire Money, dog beds, food and toys. Prepaid cards from Walmart or any store that has pet supplies.