ARC Auction

AuctionIf you would like to make a donation of an auction item, please submit a photo, along with a detailed description of your donation to

 Please keep checking back for future auctions. Your continued support is appreciated.

*Please Note*

Do not place bids for someone else unless you are prepared to be responsible for their bid!!!

If you have any questions on an item, email the webmaster and we will be more than pleased to answer your queries.

Animal Rescue Coalition is a nonprofit rescue. All the funds we raise through donations and fund promotions, such as our on-line auction, is devoted to the medical and general care of our animals until they are adopted.

Items can be picked up at Armitage Hardware on Stanley Street in Halifax.

The buyer is responsible for shipping or making arrangements for transportation. Items cannot be delivered by ARC.

If you chose to have the item mailed directly to you, we can do so at your expense.